Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello, everyone...

My good friend, old band-mate, terrific song-writer and cowboy poet, Jon Messenger, will be subbing for us tomorrow, Saturday, October 11. Scott and I are taking this week off to be with family. Scott's first wife, our dear friend, Ginger O'Leary passed away a few weeks ago and tomorrow is her funeral. We prefer to think of it as a celebration of her life. Both Scott and I loved her dearly. I facetiously, but affectionately called her "sister-wife" and "wife number 1". She was funny, caring, compassionate, loving and always there for us with a smile, or a guffaw. She is leaving a big, BIG hole in our lives.


Scott and I will be back to our regular schedule next week, I promise. We just need a few days to be with Ginger's son, Jason and family. And in case I don't say this enough, I love you. I love seeing your faces. I love when you sing along. I love watching the sun go down over those mountains, watching the moon rise, and breaking bread with you. There is more than enough love to go around. I send it out to your freely. Pass it on.


Many blessings to you. And may you have many, many more beautiful days in front of you. We will see you next week...


~Becky & Scott


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hello everyone!

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Well, Saturday evening on The Patio at Stables Ranch Grille with Sugar Beats went well. It was a kind of surprise event as we only decided on a lark 2 weeks ago to take Sugar Beats to Stables. We do promise to bring them again seasonally as we had so much fun! The only advance promotion I did was the quick newsletter you received on Thursday and a few Facebook and Twitter posts.

I have to say, I didn't know so many people actually read my newsletters! You all are just terrific! I got e-mails from my northern friends expressing remorse that they weren't in town (I promise, we'll come back!), e-mails from friends who said they were coming. Almost everyone out on the patio was there because of my newsletter! And do you know what else? Some of you know my schedule better than I do! Haha! I love that!

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, over and over, and say that the reception we received as Sugar Beats was heartwarming. Your support means so much to me. This project has been life-changing for me. Working with Brenda Pratt, Kathy Shaughnessy and Carol Park has taught me to be a better singer. Listening to each other, tuning in our individual vibes to create a single song full of heart is a complex process and I love to see it progress. Carol, our vocal coach, is not always easy on us, but she knows we're big girls and what matters most is the song. When we get it right, Carol beams at us and we live for that. We work 9 hours a week together and even more individually and it's paying off in a big way. And your response to our efforts was so gratifying. Thank you, again and again.

And those of you who missed the show at Tubac Golf Resort & Spa and want to see us, head on over to our website, and sign up for our newsletter. I'm managing the website so you know I'll be prudent with your e-mail address. I also managed to include the Sugar Beats calendar with my own calender of events so you can check either website.

That's all for now. I'm pretty sleepy. We just got home from Stables and I'm in a dreamy state of gratitude. I have music running through my head and visions of the sun reflecting off the Santa Ritas.

Good night, my friends, I hope to see you all very soon! ~Becky

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello! It's been a while...

edible,baja,arizonaI know it's been ages since my last newsletter. Things have been quite hectic and we have barely had time to breathe but things are starting to even out for us. I had to sit down with Scott and we hashed out a plan to help lighten our load. After much prayer and debate, we decided to give up our job with Edible Baja Arizona because, well, we had to face facts - we're better musicians than we are ad salespeople. We are still passionately devoted to spreading the word about Edible Baja Arizona and it's mission. It's truly, in every sense of the word, a LOCAL magazine about our foodways. Over the last year, we have had the pleasure of sampling, and now buying regularly, locally grazed meats by Dennis and Deb Moroney, vegetables from local growers, locally brewed beers and wines, eggs, breads, jams, chocolates, cheeses, tortillas, beans, you name it! There is something about supporting our local providers that fills us with a sense of well-being. Something about keeping our money right here in Arizona. Something about the incredible foods we've eaten and the taste that you can't get in a supermarket, where everything is shipped in from somewhere else. And we will continue to wean ourselves off the "super"market knowing that all we need is grown, grazed and provided right here in our home state. Thank you, Doug Biggers and his staff for keeping us informed and showing us the way. Oh! And as I'm an advertiser (I advertise Bisbee Hub in Edible on our Bisbee page), I still get stacks of magazines to pass out so look for Edible Baja Arizona on my promo table!


Sugar Beats on The Patio at Stables Ranch Grille THIS WEEKEND!

is regarding my gig at Stables Ranch Grille. I'm bringing Sugar Beats with me on Saturday! Now, we will be sharing the gig as we usually do with other guests. I'll do a few with Scott, then Sugar Beats will get up and do some songs. It's just a sampling of what we are going to bring you in October but we're going to have some fun! Please come out if you can to see us. We have been working about 10 hours a week on our music and it's really starting to pay off. We had a three-performance fund-raiser at the Morning Star Café in Palominas to help pay for our Sugar Beats sound equipment and we had full or nearly full houses during all three performances with several repeat attendees who can't get enough! We were also graced with a generous donation from a fan (who I will not mention by name so as not to embarrass her), and we just want to express our gratitude to her and to our growing group of fans who have supported us. Needless to say, our equipment bill is PAID IN FULL!


Well, that's it this week. I know I'm derelict in sending out regular newsletters but we're trying to get back on track. What did John Lennon say? Oh, yes, "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans".


Small change in schedule: I don't think we will be playing at Stables Ranch Grille on September 6. I'm not sure who, but there will be a jazz band from Tucson playing there that day. ~Becky

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