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This is just a short note to tell you that Scott and I will be at Stables Ranch Grille (make reservations and say you'd like to be near the music) tonight singing our usual fare, plus some newer songs but I've also invited Sugar Beats to join us! Kathy, Brenda and I have been working on some wonderful music from the Wailin' Jennys, The Everly Brothers and more.

Those of you who know me know that I love to sing harmony but don't often get the chance. With Sugar Beats, we each take turns singing lead and we love to choose songs that are in the public psyche, but maybe haven't been heard for a while. And I LOVE working with Kathy and Brenda. We'll study a song first, deconstruct it to get the harmonies right and then play it several times to really get to know the song. Then, sometimes, we'll hear something else and suggest subtle changes. I've said this before, but it's a little like three sculptors working on one piece with beautiful results. And what's REALLY fun is that we're getting to a point where we don't even have to finish sentences to each other. We've had several conversations that have consisted of half-statements and a bunch of nods, eye contact and genial non-verbal utterances. To an outsider, it may seem silly listening to us building these songs but to us, every eye-look or head-nod speaks volumes. I just love working with these women!

And what a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. I'm singing my favorite songs on my perch at Stables Ranch Grille at beautiful Tubac Golf Resort & Spa with the best staff in the world, delicious food, great spirits, lovely company, my beautiful song-mates and my favorite guy.

The Patio at Stables Ranch Grille, Becky, Reyes, Scott, Muhleman, Sugar, Beats, Brenda, Pratt, Kathy, Shaughnessy, Tubac, Golf, Resort, Spa, ArizonaAs always, THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LIVE MUSIC!

Much love to you today, and really, every day...


I wish I had more time to sit and write a proper newsletter but we've been busy!

unitarian,universalist,becky,reyes,original,music, scott,muhleman,amado,arizonaThis Saturday, 2/07, we are of course at Stables Ranch Grille at beautiful Tubac Golf Resort & Spa from 5pm to 8pm and we are so happy to be back. Last week's weather was so miserably cold and made the roads treacherous so we opted to stay home. It was nice to have an afternoon off but man, all week I kept feeling that I'd left the iron on. Funny how that happens.

In addition to our regular Stables gig on Saturday, we are playing a special gig at The Unitarian Universalist Auditorium at Amado Territory Ranch (I-19, exit 48) at 2pm for their series of concerts, Sounds of the Desert. What distinguishes this from the rest of the venues I play is that I will be playing mostly original compositions. We are honored to have been asked to participate in this series of concerts. We have so many friends who are associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Amado! We'd like to invite everyone to come out and join us for this concert. I don't often do my original music as I often feel so exposed, so raw, but every so often, the venue is right, the time is right, and I realize I can't hold my light under a basket forever. So I'm going to be brave and play those songs for you. Oh, and The Pueblo HS Mariachi Band will be following us. Now THAT is true regional music. So come out and join us on Saturday afternoon at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Amado Territory Ranch. And then come have dinner with us at Stables!

SUGAR BEATS AND VALENTINES DAY NEWS! I got the go-ahead from Stefan to bring Kathy and Brenda with me to Stables Ranch Grille for a sweetheart of a show! Sugar Beats have been working up some wonderful songs about LOVE! Some of them incredibly romantic, others about heartache, heartbreak and sometimes just plain silliness. FAIR WARNING: Valentines Day is next Saturday so you have a week to find something special for your valentine and time enough to make reservations for Saturday night!

Much love to you all! I can't wait to see you. The weather is GORGEOUS and should remain so for a while. Come out and play!!!



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